Tontine 2018 (2018 - Ongoing). Seventeen Paintings, Industrial Plastic Case, Plastic Sheeting, Brown Tape.

Project Description: Tontine 2018 is a speculative group investment, named for the 18th-century annuity on which this project is based. In the summer of 2018 seventeen artists were given a 20'' x 22'' canvas and asked to make a painting for this group project. These paintings were exhibited at The White Page Gallery in Minneapolis on August 4, 2018. After the exhibition, these works were sealed and stored in a discreet location. Tontine 2018 will remain stored and sealed until only one of the seventeen participating artists is living.

The last living artist will become the sole owner of all the artworks included within Tontine 2018.

The participating artists are; Kate Farstad, Alanah Luger-Guillaume, Ian Thomas Miller, Maddie Butler, Sally Caruso, Jake Stordahl, Emiliano Cerna-Rios, John Herbert, Conor Dowdle, Danny Epstein, Andy Delany, Berit Mondale, Linda Moncada, Kate Sheldon, Rebecca Spangenthal, Sara Supan, Lauren Flynn.

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